Books Containing Hinman Family Genealogies

last updated 24 Mar 2003

As a general rule, genealogy books are excluded from Inter-Library Loans, but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you want to try and borrow one. A library may make an exception. I once borrowed a book from Oxford University.

Beach, E. M., "They Face the Rising Sun", (1971)

Bingham, N. W., "Sketch of the Life of Hon. Timothy Hinman", (1892)

Chapelle H., "History of the American Sailing Navy"

Chamberlain, M. & Clarenbach, L., "Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson Through Seven Generations", (1990)

Currier-Briggs, Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers"

Daughters of American Revolution, "Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners", Call #1145

Hardin, G., "History of Herkimer County, NY", (1893)

Heitman, F., "Historical Register of Officers of Continental Army During War of Revolution", (1914,1973)

Hinman, A. V., "History of the Hinmans", (1907)

Hinman, R. R., "A Catalog of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, etc.", (1852)

Hinman, R. R., "A Family Record of the Descendants of Sergt Edward Hinman", (1856)

Hoagland, E. C., "Some Brief Notes on the Hinman and Burrows Families", (1946)

Hubbard, B. F., "Forests and Clearings: The History of Stanstead County Province of Quebec", (1874)

Lehman, J. F., "On Seas of Glory", (2001)

Nichols, Walter, "Sgt. Francis Nichols of Stratford, Conn.", (1909)

Paull, F. H., "Ira Perry Hinman and Lydia Wheeler: Their Ancestors and Descendants", (1996)

Sausaman, W. A., "The Sausaman-Sassaman Family in America", (1964)

Torrence, Clayton, "Virginia Wills and Administrations, 1632-1800" (repr 1965)

Wait, Julia A. H., "Family Records of Sergt Edward Hinman and Certain Descendents [sic] of his son Edward, Jr.", (1909)

Wright, G. B., "Ancestors and Descendants of Havilah Burritt Hinman of Stratford, NH", (1966)

General Reference Works

Doane, G. H. & Bell, J. B., "Searching for your Ancestors: The How and Why of Genealogy," (1992)

Everton Publishers, "The Handy Book for Genealogists," 7th ed. (1990). There's also an 8th ed.

Heitman, B. F., "The Historical Register of Officers of the Conntinental Army in the Revolution," (1914,1932)

Jacobus, D. L., "History and Genealogy of Families of Old Fairfield", (1930)

Oates, A. F., "The Art of Collecting Genealogy and History", (1971)

Orcutt, Samuel, "History of Stratford, Conn., and Bridgeport 1638-1886", {1886}

Savage, James, "A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England Before 1692"

Virkus, F. V., "Compendium of American Genealogy"

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