Descendants of both John Hinman (VA, 1635) and Sgt. Edward Hinman (CT, 1650)

First Generation

1. Hypothetical Father HINMAN-28029 was born before 1600 in , , England.

Actually, we don't know who the parents of John or Edward are.  Nor do we have any evidence that they are related.  We're here using this device of an imaginary father and mother in order to force our software to produce the descendants of both men.  In our database we show a Hypothetical Father and a Hypothetical Mother with two children, John and Edward.  This does the trick.

The history of the Hinmans and their ancestors reads almost like the history of the New England Colonies in miniature.  We were in Plimoth Plantation, Massachusetts Bay Colony, New Haven Colony, Connecticut Colony.  We grew the first tobacco in Virginia.  Floating around in our protoplasm are the genes of governors, representatives, yeomen, merchants, farmers, and soldiers.  There is hardly a job that we haven't had or hardly a page of the Colonial Records that does not mention one of our ancestors.

No modern landing force ever approached an enemy coast more warily than did those first shiploads of Englishmen approach the continent of the red man.  When our earliest immigrant ancestors arrived in John Winthrop's fleet in 1630, hardly a dozen ships had been sighted by the Leyden Pilgrims in the ten years since they crowded the rails of the Mayflower.  Most of those ships had brought them supplies and new mouths to feed, though in 1628 and 1629 a large band of Puritans had gathered at Naumkeag (Salem).  In 1630, however, Winthrop's eleven ships spearheaded an exodus from England that in the next decade would see some 300-odd leaky ships bring more than 20,000 new settlers to this shore.  This is the decade that saw most of our ancestors arrive.

John Henman, aged 19, arrived in Virginia in 1635 on the ship John bound for St. Christophers.  Edward Henman arrived in Boston in June 1650 aboard the ship William & George as a crewman. You will find more about these men in our research reports. -MBH

Hypothetical married Hypothetical MOTHER-28030. Hypothetical was born before 1600 in , , England.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i John HINMAN-35673 was born about 1616 and died 29 Aug 1660.
+ 3 M ii (Sgt) Edward HINMAN-36809 died 26 Nov 1681.

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