Descendants of both Sgt. Edward Hinman (1650, CT) and John Hinman, (1635, VA)

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Table of Contents

  1. Descendancy Tree (Starts with gateway ancestors)
  2. Surname Index
  3. Given Name Index (A bit faster than Surname Index)
  4. How to identify a name in the database
  5. Reports and Papers
  6. What relation are you to ...?
  7. Stratford: The Cupheag Plantation with maps
  8. 2006 HFA Reunion! UPDATED!!
  9. Database History

  10. "PARENTLESS" HINMANS If you're not in the main database, check here!

  11. How to add your own data to HFA base
  12. A word about the Coat of Arms
  13. Links to other Hinman websites
  14. Volunteer Needed

The Hinman Family Association was organized in 1974 with Laurin E. Hinman of Oregon City, OR, as our first president. We have biennial reunions in different parts of the country. Annual dues have been $10 since 1974 but increased to $15 in Jan 2005. We publish a quarterly newsletter, Hinman Heritage, and have published nine research reports. If you're interested in joining us for a while, drop an e-mail to HFA Treasurer or write Joan Hinman, 46 Main St., Samford, NY 12167.

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